Sci-FI Philosophy Continues / The Problem of Extinction

The Centre for Bioethics invites you to the upcoming lecture "The Problem of Extinction". You can watch the lecture online at The date and time of the lecture are June 9th, 18:00.

Abstract: According to some experts, humanity will face many existential risks in the 21st century.  These risks not only damage the environment but also threaten the biodiversity of our world. The scientists from The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) argue that the threat of extinction is more urgent than the problem of climate change.  

Philosophically speaking, humanity not only threatens itself but also other lifeforms on its home planet. Mgr. Pavlína Bakošová will give us detailed insight into the problem of extinction and will guide us through some of the basic concerns.  

Humanity is at the crossroad of its existence, and this choice of path will determine its future. There is a possibility that we might miss the green light of the opportunity to act and will be blocked by the red light and will be unable to act and change. Will we survive or die like dinosaurs? 

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