Peter Takáč

Mgr. Peter TAKÁČ

is PhD. student at the Department of Philosophy and applied philosophy on Faculty of Arts, University of Sts. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava. His field of research is: aesthetics (Problems of Lookism, Transhuman aesthetics, Human Aesthetics Enhancement), ethics, biomedical ethics (Plastic surgery enhancements) and bioethics topics and research associate of Center for Bioethics with a special interest in aesthetics human enhancement.

Contact: pete.takacjohn(at)

Professional interests: Aesthetic of human Enhancement; Ethics; Aesthetics; Bioethics and medicine ethics

Consultancy expertise: Specialization on aesthetics human enhancement.

Managerial competencies: Participation on events organization LOQUERE I., II., Department of Philosophy and applied philosophy, FA UCM., participation on project Sci-Fi philosophy.

Teaching experience: Special text. seminar history of philosophy; Introduction to philosophy; Special text. seminar epistemology.

Miscellaneous: Artist and book illustrator, black cat fan, and collector of antique dictionaries.

Selected publications and presentations


The Current Problems of Lookism. In: Global Bioethics / 21 st. Internationl Conference: Ethical Thinking Past and Present. (ETPP 2019 /21 ), UNESCO Chair in Bioethics: Faculty of Arts, University of Prešov.


Aesthetic Human Enahancement. Young Philosophy 2018, FÚ SAV, Bratislava.

Odorčák, J., Takáč, P.: Automatization of beauty: Technological and aesthetical paradoxes of human enhancement. Aesthethic human enhancement. Týždeň vedy a techniky, UCM 2018, Department of Philosophy and applied philosophy, FA UCM.

The Architecture of Self. In: Peter Fraňo, Mária Jakúbeková, Peter Takáč (eds.): Loquere II, Trnava: FF UCM, 2018.