UCM CB Special Issue Out Now: Posthuman Topics in Literature and Other Arts / World Literature Studies

June 30, 2021

UCM CB Special Issue Out Now: Posthuman Topics in Literature and Other Arts / World Literature Studies

UCM CB is pleased to announce that the new special issue of World Literature Studies dedicated to Posthuman Topics in Literature and Other Arts is out now and freely accessible via the publisher website: http://www.wls.sav.sk/?page_id=322&lang=en.

The special issue was edited by Bogumila Suwara in cooperation with UCM CB and presents articles identifying transhuman and posthuman topics and motifs in works of science fiction in literature, film and television from a posthumanist perspective.


  • Posthuman topics in literature and other arts / Bogumiła Suwara (editorial) (go to article)
  • Human, super-human, anti-human: The posthuman deep future in evolutionary science fiction / Mariusz Pisarski (go to article)
  • Post-dog tales about human extinction / Peter Sýkora (go to article)
  • Parallels between two worlds: Literary science-fiction imagery and transhumanist visions / Jana Tomašovičová (go to article)
  • Saviors, naifs, or orphans? The posthuman condition in literary and cinematic perspectives on human cloning / Ivan Lacko (go to article)
  • From “andys” to “toasters”: How has politics affected the view of non-humans in “Blade Runner” and “Battlestar Galactica”? / Jozef Lenč (go to article)
  • Homo artefactus and Promethean shame: Reflections on Josef Čapek, Futurism, transhumanism, posthumanism, and the Obvious / Juraj Odorčák (go to article)
  • Toward a bioethical perspective for posthumanist aesthetics: Bioart as an example / Bobumiła Suwara (go to article)
  • Francesca Ferrando: Philosophical Posthumanism / Pavlína Bakošová (review) (go to article)
  • Bogumiła Suwara – Mariusz Pisarski (eds.): Remediation: Crossing Discursive Boundaries. Central European Perspective / Katarína Ihringová (review) (go to article)

The set of studies builds on previous research on the impact of emerging technologies on the human condition seen from the perspective of post-communist countries in Central and Eastern Europe (Peter Sýkora, ed.: Promises and Perils of Emerging Technologies for Human Condition: Voices from Four Postcommunist Central and East European Countries, 2019).