August 4, 2021

Multidimensional Character of Trans- And Post- Humanism / Conference Invitation

We cordially invite you to our scientific symposium on transhumanism and posthumanism which will be held at Smolenice Castle on 23. - 26. 8. 2021.

July 27, 2021

Ethical issues of assisted reproduction / TV interview

Prof. Sykora was a host of the TA3 television panel discussion about ethical issues of assisted reproduction.

July 4, 2021

Against the Absurd Idea of Liberty as Freedom to Be Infected and to Infect Others with COVID

Interview with prof. P. Sýkora in the Slovak newspaper Pravda about the supposed conflict between individual rights and public health policy of Covid-19 vaccination.

June 30, 2021

UCM CB Special Issue Out Now: Posthuman Topics in Literature and Other Arts / World Literature Studies

UCM CB is pleased to announce that the new special issue of World Literature Studies dedicated to Posthuman Topics in Literature and Other Arts is out now and freely accessible via the publisher website.

June 1, 2021

Invitation: Sci-Fi PhIlosophy: Posthumanism in Sci-Fi literature 8.6.2021

UCM CB invites you to join the live presentation of our new monothematic issue of World Literature Studies, which is dedicated to posthumanism and transhumanism in Sci-Fi literature.

February 23, 2021

Seniors Must Be Given Priority - Critique of the Current Revison of the Slovak COVID-19 Vaccination Plan

Commentary of prof. P. Sýkora for the Slovak newspaper SME about the inconsistency of the current revision of the Slovak Covid-19 vaccination plan.


Science as a new political force

TV interview / Television of Slovakia / 15.5.2020 / Peter Sýkora

Theme: Science: The new political force / Večera s Havranom

Guest: Peter Sýkora (UCM CB)

Description: In a world scarred by a global epidemic scientist have recently come to spotlight. This time science isn’t seen just as one of the many servants of politics, but as the main pillar of society preservation. Does the pandemic situation mean new emancipation of science from politics and the defeat of charlatans, or is it just an attempt to move from the political to the biopolitical world? Prof. RnDr. Peter Sýkora, PhD. was interviewed by Michal Havran.

You can watch the full show Science: The new political force / Večera s Havranom from the archive of Slovak National Television here:

Full video (Slovak language):


Radio Slovakia / 18.9.2019 / Peter Sýkora

Theme: Fokus scientists with Daniel Havier

Guest: prof. RNDr. Peter Sýkora, PhD. (UCM CB)

Description: Discussion about biology, bioethics, and the state of current philosophical problems

Full audio (Slovak language):

A desire for immortality

Television of Slovakia / 8.1.2019 / Juraj Odorčák

Theme: A desire for immortality /Večera s havranom

Guests: Peter Križan, geneticist, Miroslav Marcelli, philosopher, Juraj Odorčák (UCM CB)

Description: The desire for eternal life and youth is the centre of many religious ideas and scientific theories. These ideas also inspire art and pharmaceutical industry. Why do we want to live forever? How close are we to achieve eternal life? What would life look like and what would happen to death?

Full video (Slovak language):


Radio Slovakia / 5.8.2019 / Juraj Odorčák

Theme: Mind in the web

Guest: Mgr. Juraj Odorčák, PhD. (UCM CB)

Description: Discussion about globalization and contemporary problems caused by information technology and new communication platforms.

Full audio (Slovak language):

The end of the anthropocentric model?

Television of Slovakia / 3.10.2017 / Peter Sýkora

Theme: The end of the anthropocentric model? / Večera s Havranom

Guests: Václav Bělohradský, philosopher, Peter Sýkora (UCM CB), Zuzana Števulová, Human rights league.

Description: Will man cease to be the centre of the world? Is the anthropocentric model of the world ending? Technology, climate change, demographic shifts and transhumanism create new pressure on the world and forces man to redefine his position in the world. What rights and threats are waiting for the emancipated humans? Will we become the slaves of our progress? What will be the future uniqueness of man and his rights?

Full video (Slovak language):


Radio Slovakia / 10.8.2018 / Peter Sýkora

Theme: Fokus scientists with Daniel Havier

Guest: Prof. RNDr. Peter Sýkora, PhD. (UCM CB)

Description: Discussion about science, philosophy, bioethics, and contemporary issues.

Full audio (Slovak language):

Genetic revolution

Televison of Slovakia / 17.3.2015 / Peter Sýkora

Theme: Genetic revolution /Večera s Havranom

Guests: Prof. MUDr. Jozef Glasa, Slovak Medical University in Bratislava, Prof. RNDr. Peter Sýkora, University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava (UCM CB) a Ján Drgonec, a lawyer.

Description: A child from three parents. What does the new genetic therapy from Great Britain mean? Can we have a child from three parents? Does the intervention violate the child´s rights? How will the child´s genetics change and how will religious organizations react? What has happened and what does it mean? How is this revolutionary?

Full video (Slovak language):

Nočná pyramída

Radio Slovakia / 11.1.2016 / Peter Sýkora

Guest: Prof. RNDr. Peter Sýkora, PhD. (UCM CB)

Desription: Discussion about the biologist and philosopher Peter Sýkora and his academic journey and achievements.

Full audio (Slovak language):


From Messianic Diaspora to Biomedia Avatars. New Traits of Eastern- European Reception of the East: From 18th to 21st Century
Mgr. Bogumiła Suwara, PhD.; Mariusz Pisarski, PhD.
Sci-Fi Philosophy: The Problem of Extinction
Mgr. Pavlína Bakošová / Malý Berlín, Trnava
Sci-Fi Philosophy: Sci-Fi Democracy - The Government of Overhumans?
PhDr. Jozef Lenč, PhD. / Malý Berlín, Trnava