Modern Bio-Discourse and Blurring Borders / Conference program and invitation

We cordially invite you to participate in the online version of the International Scientific Workshop: MODERN BIO-DISCOURSE AND BLURRING BORDERS / 11.11.2020

Speakers include Peter Sýkora (UCM Centre for Bioethics SK), Adam Doležal (Czech Academy of Science, CZ), Martin Zielina (Charles University, CZ), Jaromir Škoda (Charles University, CZ), Bogumila Suwara (Slovak Academy of Science, SK), Robert Birkholc (University of Warsaw, PL), Weronika Lipsycz (University of Warsaw, PL), along with others. For more info please see the web, program, and Book of Abstracts.

If you are interested in blurring borders of space, discourse, and reality, then please be our guest, and join the workshop online. Registration for all virtual participants, visitors, and guest is free and open at Registered participants and guests will be sent a link to the conference online platform.

Please note the registration deadline for online guests is 09.11.2020.

Kind regards